Friday Evening

CAUCUS – Immigration and Deportation from a Border City Perspective
Insights from Leaguers working and volunteering with immigrants in the San Diego/Tijuana border region, ie. Issues of The Wall, deported immigrants including veterans, activities of border patrol, etc.
Host: Jennifer Avina, LWV San Diego

CAUCUS – Fix Prop. 13!
To amend the state constitution by changing the base value of commercial – NOT residential – property tax information from the purchase price to the market value to make Prop. 13 more fair.
Host: Ruby MacDonald, LWV Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville

CAUCUS – Water: What’s Your Issue?
Invitation to local League members to discuss local or area water issues of interest.
Hosts: Roberta Borgonovo and Jane Wagner-Tyack, LWVC Water Committee

CAUCUS – National Voter Corps: Voting Rights ACTION for all Leagues USA
Build support for a 50-State coalition with LWVUS, ACLU, NAACP, VoteRider, PeoplePower, and volunteer service groups to fight voter suppression by helping eligible voters register, obtain required IDs, GOTV, and audit voting & counting of votes in every county.
Host: Alice Schaffer Smith, LWV Palo Alto

Saturday Morning

CAUCUS – Fostering Trust between Police and Community
An LWVC position on Policing will enable Local Leagues to advocate or organize action to ensure public safety in their communities. Join LWVLA in a discussion of how its Police Position promotes effective crime reduction while building trust between police and community.  At a time when highly publicized deaths of unarmed people, restoring faith in our public institutions will increase voter participation, and lead a broader demographic to see the League as vital to their community’s interest.
Host: Carolina Goodman, LWV Los Angeles

CAUCUS – Single payer healthcare for California
Update on SB 562 and the Health California Campaign. Advocacy by local Leagues.
Host: Pat Snyder, LWV Diablo Valley

Saturday Evening

CAUCUS – League Survival: Recruiting and Engaging New Members
If the League is going to survive, we need to recruit younger members and reach a broader audience. Learn from Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville about their struggles and success, and gain skills and knowledge to recruit and engage new members.
Host: Adena Ishii, LWV Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville

Sunday Morning

CAUCUS – Bridging the Divide: Sharing the work of local Leagues
Local Leagues across the state have been engaged in civil discourse work; this is an opportunity for them to share their work.
Host: Martha Cox, LWV California