Convention FAQs

Welcome!  You are a delegate to the 2017 LWVC Convention!  We’re glad you’re here, and we think you may have some questions about what it means to be a convention delegate.  We will attempt to answer your initial questions, but we also invite you to join us for our League webinar in May.

What is LWVC Convention?

    • The League of Women Voters is a grassroots organization.  LWVC Convention is a biennial gathering of League leaders from across the state who convene to provide direction to the California LWV for the next two years; who pass the LWVC budget for the next two years; who direct the LWVC/EF program for the next two years; and, who inspire and energize each other sharing best practices and proven solutions League to League.

What do you do at LWVC Convention?

    • First and foremost, you engage with other Leaguers.  You have fun. You learn.  You appreciate the power and responsibility of being a Leaguer.  And you use your voice to determine League’s direction for the next two years!  What matters to you?  What do you think League’s focus should be?  You bring the weight and ideas from your local League to the state convention!

What happens during plenary?

    • Plenary is the working session of convention. It’s the organizational, parliamentary structure for convention.  We discuss/debate items for consideration, and vote on them. We also have a variety of speakers to talk about California’s current climate.

What are the items for consideration and when do you vote on them?

    • Delegates vote and approve the LWVC slate of nominees, the two-year budget, the bylaws amendments, and program/issues. Voting occurs on Sunday, so it’s important to plan to be there when the votes are cast.  It’s why we’re all there.

Why do delegates and non-voting members need to be separated?

    • We’ve already mentioned that  the League of Women Voters is a grassroots organization – one with clearly defined local League delegate representation.  Only delegates may vote.  Separating delegates from non-delegates ensures fairness when votes are cast.

Why should I attend Convention if I am not a League president?

    • It’s important for your local League to have their full and fair representation when votes are taken. It’s also important for your local League delegates to use the opportunity to meet with League leaders from across the state, to share best practices, to get inspired, and to feel that your League has a voice in League’s direction and focus for the next two years. You will gain understanding and respect for the power of League.

What is a caucus?

    • Caucuses are informal times for League members to meet, talk, and plan together. They can be about a specific item we’ll be voting on — the budget, program items, bylaws changes — or they can be about a topic that League members want to talk about. The Water Committee is sponsoring a caucus as a time to share what they are doing, and to hear from League members all over the state. Other caucuses are hosted by League members and may be about other timely topics — health care, criminal justice reform, immigration issues.

How do I decide which workshop to attend?

    • Planning is your key to success at convention. Check the convention site frequently for updates.  The general schedule of convention is posted now, so you can see that convention moves fast and it’s important to be prepared. Your local League’s delegation should meet after the convention workbook is posted – but before you leave for convention – to determine who will attend each workshop or caucus to ensure that you get the most out of convention.  If your League is specifically focused on a topic of one of the workshops, more than one of you may wish to attend to be prepared to share and train your local League members when you return home.  Plan, plan, plan and know your game plan going in.
    • If your local League has a small delegation, then networking while at the convention is a great way to both share what you’ve learned at workshops, and to hear about the other workshops.

Where do I find…. (more info on bylaws, budget, program; what else?)

    • Keep watching the convention website for new information.  When the convention workbook is posted, you will have access to the convention rules and various proposed items that will be discussed and voted on at convention, such as the bylaws, the budget and the proposed program to name a few.

Who will be at the convention?

    • You will find the list of speakers and workshop presenters on this blog and in the convention workbook.

What and where are the “Local League Buckets?”

    • The Local League Buckets are two file storage bins located in the plenary room. Inside, there is a file folder for every League. The LL Buckets are a great way for someone to distribute informational flyers to Leagues in regards to a caucus or an issue, so check your bucket frequently during convention. If you do plan to distribute flyers to League, please know there are currently 60 Leagues and 4 ILOs.

Why do I need to pay for WiFi in the plenary and workshop rooms?

    • As a way to keep costs down, the convention planning committee did not contract for WiFi service in the plenary and workshop rooms. This cost is passed down to attendees who want WiFi.

Will there be breakfast available in the mornings?

    • An assortment of light breakfast items will be available every morning (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in the Ballroom Foyer one hour prior to commencement of plenary session. Expect to find assorted pastries, yogurt, and hard boiled eggs. We will also be serving coffee, tea, and orange juice.

What is the marketplace?

    • Local Leagues set up booths (which they secure by application; the application deadline has passed – sorry) to sell League-related items, such as pins, scarves, buttons, coffee mugs, etc.  These are small items that are often used as presentation gifts for speakers or special recognition.

Can I post photos and updates to my social media accounts during Convention?

    • YES! We encourage using social media throughout Convention! Just tag us and/or use the hashtag #LWVC2017 on your posts. Find us on Facebook and Twitter.