Friday Afternoon Workshops

Risk & Resiliency: Planning for an Uncertain Future

We are living in precarious times. Threats and opportunities abound from the political to the economic to the environmental realms.  Are you ready? How is your League preparing for tomorrow?  Join us in this session to learn two simple systemic tools that will help you and your organization imagine into and prepare for multiple futures.

Get to the Point! Writing For League Everyone!

Join our Easy Voter Guide partners, Common Knowledge and learn to let go of rhetoric and complexity.  This workshop will help you write in plain language–ensuring all your education, advocacy and membership communications are easily read and understood.   Get results with messages that move people to action!

Climate Change: Taking it Local

Climate change is a global issue, but there are things we can do locally that will help. Learn some specific things your League can do in your local community to help combat climate change. This workshop will help you use the new LWVC Climate Change Action Policy for action in your community.

Impact, Engagement, & Sustainability: Future Framework

How can we best prepare our organization for the next 100 years? Since January, LWV has been convening state and national leaders to explore the transformative possibilities available to our organization and working to identify what changes will result in the most resilient league—positioning us to engage more people and have a bigger impact on public policy as we strive to Make Democracy Work! Participants in this workshop will an inside update on this vital work and have the opportunity to explore and workshop some of the changes being proposed. Bring your vision!

Working with the Media

Fight fake news and learn how to be a valuable resource to the media in your community. Come meet CALmatters reporter Jessica Calefati in this engaging workshop where you’ll learn how to pitch stories to reporters and give good interviews. Includes practice time and a robust question and answer session.

Saturday Afternoon Workshops

Impact & Influence!

Learn how to leverage the Voter’s Edge California project. It’s more than a ballot lookup tool. We’ll show you its power to forge partnerships with communities underrepresented in our electorate, strengthen relationships with the media and elected officials, and deepen your ties to Registrars.  After a panel give and take we’ll workshop a strategy with you to takeaway for your next election season.

Engaging New Members Around Local Issues

Learn how to use League positions to advocate for change in your local community, and, at the same time, grow your League and engage new members. Learn how to choose issues where you can have impact, how to find and use League positions, acting when there is no position, and how to empower all your members to be activists.

Go Fund Yourself: Money in the Mailbox!

Would you like to connect better with your donors and maximize giving to your League? Find out what your donors want to hear from you! In this workshop, you’ll learn the best practices for writing fundraising letters, and then we’ll apply those principles by reviewing real local League letters submitted by attendees. Bring a letter draft with you, because everyone will have a chance to work on their letters together and get feedback. Submit a fundraising letter before Convention, and you could get in-depth advice during the workshop.


The official launch of our NEW League Easy Web product is scheduled to happen this summer!  Just in time to get ready for the 2018 election season. It will provide a new standard in integrated communication, SRO optimization, and mobile performance. Come meet our software developer, see a live demonstration of the new site, and get your questions answered!