How many delegates will represent your League?

Has your League decided who will be a delegate for LWVC Convention? The number of delegates each League receives is determined by the LWVUS membership numbers on January 31. A League with 1-50 members receives two delegate spots (the president and one delegate). When membership reaches 51 voting members, the local League receives one additional delegate, then one additional delegate added for each additional 50 members. Please refer to the LWVC bylaws for more details about representation.

1-50 members = 1 delegate plus President
51-100 members = 2 delegates plus President
101-150 members = 3 delegates plus President
151-200 members = 4 delegates plus President
201-250 members = 5 delegates plus President
251-300 members = 6 delegates plus President
301-350 members = 7 delegates plus President

Registration for Convention will open no later than March 1. Early bird rates end on April 15, so plan accordingly!

What if my League doesn’t use all of the delegates allotted to us?

If you have delegate spots that your League will not be using, please contact us. There will be members who are not delegates for their own League, and would enjoy participating as a delegate for another League rather than a non-voting member.

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